Why We’re Not Google Partners: A Wry Look at Dodging the Google Gauntlet

The Illusion of Performance: First off, let’s talk about the “performance” requirement. Google wants your Ads manager account to have at least a 70% optimization score. Sounds fancy, right? But here’s the kicker: this score is largely based on how well you align with Google’s “suggestions.” Now, I don’t know about you, but in our […]

Marketing in Your Peak Season: A Must for Seasonal Businesses

If you run a seasonal business, it’s tempting to focus your marketing efforts mainly during the off-season. The common mindset is to conserve resources when business is booming and ramp up marketing when it’s quieter. However, this approach can be a strategic misstep. Why Market During Your Busy Season? The saying, “Go duck hunting in […]

Maximize Your Site’s Potential: Expert Tips for Website Design & Conversion

Optimizing Your Website Design in Mandurah for Higher Conversion Rates Introduction Welcome to our latest discussion on enhancing your website’s effectiveness. In a digital world where first impressions are vital, having a stellar website design in Mandurah is crucial. This blog aims to guide you through various strategies to increase your website’s conversion rate, ensuring […]

Number 1 Reason People Waste Money On Google Ads

Navigating the complex world of digital advertising can be challenging, even for seasoned marketers. One platform that’s particularly powerful, yet fraught with potential pitfalls, is Google Ads. Despite its immense potential for businesses, there’s a prevalent issue causing many to haemorrhage funds unnecessarily. The Root of the Problem: Blindly Trusting Google’s Recommendations The number one […]

Why We Use So Many Buttons On Our Websites

At BoltBlue, our commitment to user experience is paramount. If you’ve ever navigated through our website, you might have noticed something – we really love our buttons. And there’s a clear rationale behind our button-filled design philosophy. Here’s why: 1. Clarity for Our Customers The primary role of a website is to offer a clear […]

How To Find The Right Small Business Website Design With SEO

Why The Design Of Your Website Is Crucial To Its Success

The world around us is changing quickly as is the way in which people are doing business. To give your business the best chance of succeeding, it’s now crucial to go digital. It used to be that all you needed to promote your business was an address, fax and phone number, however, nowadays you need […]

Perth Web Design Experts Specialising in Bundling Design, SEO and Development

Perth Web Design Experts Specialising In Bundling Design, Seo And Development

What’s the goal of every business that has a presence online? Making money, of course. The online world is saturated with websites offering everything imaginable. So, for a business to be seen, it’s crucial that it has a strategic plan in place to drive traffic to its site and that traffic needs to convert into […]

Benefits of Hiring the Best Web Design Company in Mandurah

Perth Companies Gain More Exposure Using Web Design With Seo

Nowadays we are all more than aware of the impact that a great, well-designed website has on business. Think about it – when you’re searching for a service or product, what site would you want to buy from? The slick, easily navigated one with the pertinent information that’s simple to find or the one that […]

Is Professional Perth Website Design Worth Spending Money On?

Is Professional Perth Website Design Worth Spending Money On

You’re already laying out a considerable amount of money in terms of your business. So, when it comes to creating your website, which is a necessity in today’s market, is having it designed and maintained professionally really worth it? It’s crucial to use your money in the smartest way possible. Perhaps your business has been […]

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