About Boltblue

It's All About Results

At BoltBlue, our mission is to deliver results tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you’re seeking more leads, higher-quality prospects, or increased customer loyalty and referrals, we identify your success markers and achieve them. Our baseline goal is to at least quadruple your investment and relieve you of marketing planning and implementation tasks.

Evolution and Growth Since 2006

Our journey began in 2006, where our early efforts focused on textbook marketing strategies. Since then, we’ve continuously improved, tested, and refined our methods based on real-world feedback. We’ve honed our expertise in various industries, building a robust arsenal of marketing strategies that work. Our areas of excellence include high-converting websites, Google Ads and SEO.

Meet The Core BoltBlue Team

Our tight-knit team is unlike traditional marketing agencies. At BoltBlue, you’ll work directly with the business owner, ensuring personalized attention and consistency.

Ben Wendel

Operations Commander

Ben, the driving force behind BoltBlue, began his journey in 2006 as a graphic design and commercial printing entrepreneur. His passion for delivering measurable results led him to transition into digital marketing, where he continuously expands his skills and strategies to help businesses thrive. With experience across various industries, Ben employs creativity and analytical prowess to create tailored marketing solutions that drive results and empower businesses to reach their fullest potential.

Outside the world of marketing, Ben enjoys spending time with his family, exploring virtual reality, and indulging in creative pursuits like art, music, and writing. 

Micayla Perry

Digital Deployment Specialist

Micayla is the shining talent on the BoltBlue team, bringing her artistic flair and innovative mindset to the realm of website and graphic design. Her creative drive and keen eye for aesthetics make her an invaluable asset to our team. Micayla ensures that your marketing campaigns not only look visually stunning but also function effortlessly, providing the best possible user experience for your audience.

Her passion for her craft is matched by her adventurous spirit outside of work. Micayla is an avid motorbike enthusiast, enjoying the thrill of the ride and the freedom it offers. She also loves to embark on 4WD excursions, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, and discovering new places to set up camp.

Rich Tolley

Google Ads Tactician

Rich is a dedicated and skilled member of our team who thrives on delivering outstanding results for our clients. His expertise lies in the technical aspects of website development, ensuring seamless functionality and performance. With a keen eye for detail, Rich leverages Google Ads to drive impactful results and optimise campaigns for maximum success.

When he’s not busy crafting high-performing websites and strategising ad campaigns, Rich indulges in his passion for gliding, soaring high above the ground and enjoying the freedom of flight. His entrepreneurial spirit also drives him to manage a thriving web business on the side, showcasing his diverse talents and dedication to the digital world.

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