About Boltblue

Its gotta be about Results

Here at BoltBlue web and marketing we are all about results.

Every business is different and marketing success looks unique for each of them. Some businesses want hundreds of additional leads each month, others want fewer, qualified, higher quality leads. For some businesses there is a large repeat-business component and customer nurturing where referral generation plays a big role.

No matter what the business, we figure out what success looks like and make sure we achieve it. As a baseline goal though, we want to at the very least quadruple our customer’s investment and take a heap of work off their plate (all the annoying marketing planning and implementation tasks).

Constant Improvement since 2006!

If you’d done business with us in 2010 you would have had pretty crappy marketing… We always did our best effort, but our best back then was applying text-book marketing strategies based on second hand knowledge, and we didn’t measure our results well.

We are always improving! We test and measure everything and refine our strategies as we see improvements. Over the years we have worked with many different businesses in different industries and had the opportunity to put marketing strategies to the test and get real-world feedback about what works and what doesn’t.

We have built up a powerful toolbelt of marketing strategies that work for different industries and can easily and affordably deploy marketing activities to quickly find a winning strategy. The areas we excel at are creating websites that convert well, driving traffic to those sites using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO and competitions. We also focus on review generation and customer nurturing through regular email or automated email funnels.

We only continue to get better and better as the years go on and our team collectively grows and improves.

its counter-intuitive.. but we don't WANT TO GROW FAST

I’ve seen many marketing companies grow over the past 10 years and I see the very same thing from all of them. They are amazing at getting results for their customers, so they get referrals, and they grow quickly, often from 20 clients to 100 in a year or two. In order to take on the extra work they employ ‘Account Managers’ who are usually fresh out of university and then those account managers are often assigned to older accounts (that are getting decent results with little effort) – Because the accounts are easy, they become neglected and then after a year or so the client’s start looking around for other marketing companies because they can see that there is no active effort to generate results.

This is the exact story I hear from pretty much every client who has come to me that was using a marketing agency. It’s a big red flag for us and there have been a number of times we’ve been tempted to take on the extra work when it presents itself. This is a road we don’t want to go down though. We prefer to have a smaller number of clients, so we can focus activities to deliver incredible results and create partnerships that stand the test of time. Currently we are capping our client portfolio to 15 marketing clients and 15 SEO clients. This allows our team to give the time and attention to each and every client, every week.

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Our Team

Our team is tight-knit and focused on results. We don’t operate like typical marketing agencies where you are assigned an ‘account manager’ (who may change every few months) – With BoltBlue you will be dealing directly with the business owner most of the time.

Ben Wendel

Ben started his first business back in 2006. It was a graphic design and commercial printing business. Back then he worked with small start-ups who needed business cards and letterheads. As time went by the business evolved and Ben started to develop skills in marketing. With lots of training in different marketing disciplines, Ben began to gain confidence in being able to deliver measurable results. Around 2013 the business began to move from mostly print to the digital space, focusing more on websites and online marketing. The measurability of these mediums allowed for refinement and the ability to determine a very real ROI. Since then, Ben has continued to develop those skills and expand his toolbelt of effective strategies to use to generate leads and sales for businesses.

Outside of business Ben is focused on his family with 5 kids ranging from 3ys to 17yrs. He is fascinated by VR, obsessed with the Walking Dead and if he didn’t have to work, he would be pursuing some other creative endeavour with art, music or writing to scratch his creative itch.

Micayla Perry

Micayla is the super-star young-gun of the BoltBlue team.

With a creative drive, Micayla is enjoying developing and perfecting her website and graphic design skills. Micayla works closely with Ben to deliver beautiful marketing. She is largely responsible for making the websites and marketing we produce look great and function well. When your marketing tasks are just happening seamlessly without you having to do anything, it’s usually Micayla busily working away behind the scenes.

In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends doing adventurous activities like riding her motorbike, going 4WDing and discovering new places to go camping.

Our Support Partners

Beyond our immediate team we also have a number of long-term reliable contractors who we rely on for specific tasks. This includes our copywriter, web support team and SEO team. All the planning and the majority of the implementation is done by our core team and we will reach out to our support partners when we require specialised services.


Our focus is always on generating leads and sales. We’ll rank you fast and broadly so you have a steady flow of traffic to convert into sales for your business.


All the fabulous and engaging content on your website is created by our team! You can give as little or as much input as you like, and we will deliver top-quality articles and blog posts you can reuse.


All our websites are built with search engines in mind. Our goal is to create a website that ranks well to drive as much quality traffic to your site possible.


Because we take a broader approach to SEO, we deliver excellent results fast. Our method is quicker because it isn’t focusing on just a handful of competitive keywords.



We work with you to clarify your marketing message, understand your goals and get to know your business.

we Take Control

We take the hassle of marketing off your plate. We plan and implement marketing we know will grow your business.


We deliver a heap of leads to you, so you can spend your time running and growing your business. Let's have fun!