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CRYO Stay Young

Say hello to CRYO Stay Young, an extraordinary wellness centre located in Sydney, NSW. These wellness warriors are all about the future of feeling good, offering innovative services like cryotherapy, infrared saunas, acupuncture, and oxygen therapy. As their business grew, opening new franchises brimming with diverse treatments and offerings, they reached out to us. Their goal? A slick, user-friendly website that spotlighted each franchise’s unique services and a digital marketing strategy that would get those leads flowing like a fountain of youth.

The Challenge

Growing Franchises and Lowering Lead Costs

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. As they navigated the waters of business expansion, CRYO Stay Young faced a frosty challenge. Each franchise was as unique as a snowflake, offering a different blend of wellness treatments. They needed to effectively promote each franchise while keeping a cohesive brand image. And that wasn’t all – they also needed to generate a consistent stream of low-cost leads for each franchisee. They were looking to chill out on the costs without putting the freeze on their growth.

Our Solution

A Unified Website and Targeted SEO Strategy

Equipped with our digital snowplough, we got to work. We designed a sleek, user-friendly website that acted like a warm welcoming lobby, guiding visitors to the treatments they were after with ease. Each franchise’s unique offerings shone like rays of sunshine on a winter’s day, yet all under the one cohesive CRYO Stay Young brand umbrella.

But we didn’t stop at just a cool website. We cranked up the heat with a tailored Google Ads campaign and a robust SEO strategy. Before long, CRYO Stay Young’s online visibility was on the rise, attracting potential clients like bees to a blooming wellness flower.

Our focused approach, catering to the distinct needs of each franchise, provided CRYO Stay Young with a unified online platform that supported their business expansion. Not only that, we ensured a steady flow of cost-effective leads for each franchisee. Today, CRYO Stay Young is riding the wave of growth in the wellness industry, one cool treatment at a time.

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