Marketing in Your Peak Season: A Must for Seasonal Businesses

If you run a seasonal business, it’s tempting to focus your marketing efforts mainly during the off-season. The common mindset is to conserve resources when business is booming and ramp up marketing when it’s quieter. However, this approach can be a strategic misstep.

Why Market During Your Busy Season?

The saying, “Go duck hunting in duck season,” applies perfectly here. When your business is in its peak season, your potential customers are most active and interested. This is the time to engage them, not when they’re less attentive.

The Off-Season Marketing Challenge

Many businesses make the mistake of pausing their marketing during the busy season and then aggressively marketing in the off-season. The problem? Your competitors are likely doing the same, resulting in a crowded space and higher costs for leads.

Cost-Effective Marketing in Peak Season

Contrary to what you might think, marketing during your busy season can be more cost-effective. Since customers are already looking for your services or products, your marketing efforts can yield better results at a lower cost per lead.

A Balanced Approach

A smart marketing strategy involves a balanced approach. Don’t completely shut down marketing during your peak season. Instead, adjust your efforts to leverage the increased customer interest, while still maintaining a presence in the off-season. Remember, the best time to ‘hunt’ for customers is when they are already ‘in the field’.

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