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Landscape By Design

Meet Landscape By Design, a truly top-notch landscaping company situated in the heart of Perth, Western Australia. Now, these guys aren’t your average gardeners. They’re artists with a green thumb and a clear vision: to create stunning landscapes that knock socks off. But, in a digital world dominated by search engines, they knew they had to dig deeper to really stand out from the competitive landscaping crowd. They were after a beautifully crafted website that showcased their spectacular work, but also a site that popped up when potential clients took to Google for their landscaping needs.

The Challenge

Standing Out in a Green Sea of Competition

So, what was the challenge? Well, Landscape By Design needed to create an online presence as awe-inspiring as their physical one. They aimed to sprout right to the top of the Google rankings to ensure their potential clients could easily find them in a vast garden of competitors. But they didn’t want just any leads; they were looking for high-quality landscaping leads that matched their level of service and quality.

Our Solution

Streamlined Website and Powerful SEO Strategy

Armed with a plan, we rolled up our sleeves and got down and dirty with our digital tools. We crafted a visually striking and user-friendly website, turning their portfolio into a lush online garden. But a beautiful website wasn’t enough. We needed to make sure that it was not just seen, but seen by the right people.

That’s where our Google Ads campaign and comprehensive SEO strategy came into play. We cultivated their digital presence, nurturing their rankings and driving relevant traffic straight to their beautiful new website. And voila! Our customised solution didn’t just help Landscape By Design stand tall among the green sea of competitors, but it also provided them with a consistent stream of high-quality leads.

Today, Landscape By Design isn’t just another name in the Perth landscaping scene. They’re the towering tree in a forest, the bold blossoms in a field of green – they’re leading the way in the Perth landscaping industry, one stunning landscape at a time.

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