Website Case Study

The Sauna Hub

Ladies and gents, meet The Sauna Hub, Northern Beaches’ newest spot to unwind and get your steam on. Being the new kid on the block, The Sauna Hub needed a sizzling website, Google Ads, and on-page SEO to help them become the go-to spot for all sauna enthusiasts. And they didn’t stop there. They also wanted their sleek, conversion-focused website to work in perfect harmony with the Timely booking system, while at the same time ranking high in local searches. Talk about ambitious!


Creating a Steamy Online Presence

The Sauna Hub had a challenge that would make anyone sweat. They wanted to lure potential sauna-goers in their area with Google Ads while simultaneously working their way up the local organic search results. They were new to the scene and needed to make a splash. And of course, they wanted a seamless online booking experience, making it easy for visitors to schedule their steamy sessions.

Our Solution

Crafting a Hot Website and Spicing up SEO

We embraced the challenge with enthusiasm hotter than a sauna stone. We worked our magic and designed a visually stunning, user-friendly website with a smooth conversion flow. Now, visitors can easily book their next sauna session through the integrated Timely booking system.

Next, we rolled up our sleeves and cooked up a strategic Google Ads campaign, which got the local traffic flowing like sweat during a sauna session. Simultaneously, we fine-tuned the on-page SEO elements to steadily climb the organic search results. Our tailored online solution gave The Sauna Hub the firepower they needed to become the hottest spot in town, attracting a consistent stream of sauna-lovers.

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