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Economy Pest Management

Introducing Economy Pest Management, Perth’s newest pest-busters in town. These guys have swapped their regular nine-to-five grind for the thrill of banishing pests full-time. But, launching a brand new business in a market crawling with competitors can feel like navigating a cobweb. That’s why they called on us for some digital magic – a sleek, conversion-focused website, targeted Google Ads, and on-page SEO – to rapidly increase leads and help them fully transition to running their pest control business.


From Newbie to Pro in a Scurry

Now, they didn’t just have any old challenge. Their website was fresher than a daisy, meaning SEO wasn’t going to provide immediate results. So, they needed to rely on PPC advertising like a spider relies on its web while ensuring their website had a conversion rate higher than a cricket’s jump. They needed to maximise the value of their Google Ads investment quicker than a cockroach scrambles at the flick of a light switch.

Our Solution

Conversion-Focused Website and Targeted SEO Strategy

With a can of digital bug spray in one hand and a web designer’s toolkit in the other, we got to work. We spun an engaging, conversion-focused website that showcased Economy Pest Management’s pest control solutions like a shop window full of pest-free promises. Visitors were encouraged to call upon their services faster than ants to a picnic.

Next, we fired up a targeted Google Ads campaign that generated leads faster than a fly buzzes. At the same time, we optimised the site’s on-page SEO elements to lay the foundation for future organic growth, like planting seeds for a bug-free garden.

Our comprehensive online strategy, tailored to their unique challenges, helped Economy Pest Management transition from part-time pest-busters to full-time heroes of the home, thriving amidst the competitive pest control market. Today, Economy Pest Management isn’t just another pest control service; they’re leading the charge, helping Perth homes stay pest-free one bug at a time.

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