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Peel Tinting & Windscreens

Put on your sunglasses, ladies and gents, as we introduce you to Peel Tinting & Windscreens, Mandurah’s local star in automotive and residential window tinting and windscreen replacement services. Having recently taken the wheel from the previous owner, they knew their online presence needed a facelift to reflect their new vision. From a tired-looking website to an outdated logo, and Google Ads investments that felt like throwing darts in the dark, they were ready for a full digital makeover.


Clearing the Fog

Peel Tinting & Windscreens had a vision, but their digital view was clouded. Their website needed a serious touch-up, and their logo, well, let’s just say it was about as stylish as socks with sandals. And though they were injecting money into Google Ads each month, they were scratching their heads over the results (or lack thereof). They knew they could do better.

Our Solution

Bringing Clarity and Style to the Forefront

We got down to business, armed with creativity and a serious knack for digital transformation. We overhauled their website from a dated sedan into a sleek sports car, primed to rank well for all their local search terms. And the logo? We turned it into a stylish bumper sticker-worthy masterpiece they could be proud to represent their brand.

And as for the leads, they’re now streaming in like a well-oiled machine. Detailed, high-quality leads that can be processed with precision and efficiency, turning potential clients into satisfied customers. By delivering a tailored online solution that suited their specific needs, we successfully helped Peel Tinting & Windscreens drive their business to new heights in the competitive local market. Now that’s what we call a windshield view of success!

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