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Homewise Solar​

Meet Homewise Solar – they’re not your everyday energy providers. These guys are champions of the sun, helping the good folks of Western Australia to tap into the wonder of renewable energy. With solar power systems, home battery systems, and heat pump hot water systems, they’re serious about driving down energy costs and championing a more sustainable future. But they’re not just about selling products – oh no – they’re committed to delivering a personalised service from consultation to performance monitoring. Sadly, their original website was a bit of a dark cloud, failing to generate the leads they needed, and their brand image was in desperate need of a sunny makeover.

The Challenge

Local Visibility and Brand Identity

Homewise Solar is a local hero. Their mission? To connect with homeowners right in their backyard of Madora Bay and its surrounds. But, their website was more of a trickle than a downpour of leads. They’d danced in the rain with other web companies, but were left feeling a bit soggy. The website language was as clear as a foggy morning, packed full of technical jargon that left potential clients confused and in the cold. And their logo? Well, it just didn’t have that certain ‘oomph’ they were after.

Our Solution

Website Redesign & Brand Overhaul

So, what did we do? We didn’t just want to take their website from drizzle to downpour – we wanted to make it rain leads! We worked our magic on location-specific pages, custom-made for each local suburb. Packed with the right search terms, these pages became lead magnets, transforming casual traffic into solid quote requests. We ditched the techno-babble and rewrote the website copy in easy-to-understand language, making it a breeze for visitors to navigate their way to a brighter energy future.

And the logo? We called on the power of the owl. Wise, trustworthy, and with a twinkle in its eye, this feathered mascot brought a fresh new look to the Homewise Solar brand. Now, Homewise Solar is not just visible locally, but they’re a shining beacon in the renewable energy space, their revamped website driving their business towards brighter horizons.

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