Why Using A Free Website Builder For Your Business Just Doesn’t Work

Why Using a Free Website Builder for Your Business Just Doesn’t Work

With so many adverts for free site building services and websites popping up everywhere, it’s likely that you’ve either availed of these at some point or have at least considered it. Free sites are a wonderful tool for personal users and bloggers to get their messages out there. However, these are not a great platform for businesses as they can create issues that you probably haven’t even considered.

Take a look at these elements to think about when you’re considering whether to create your own free DIY site or to secure the services of a web designer.

  • Whether you’re looking for website design Mandurah, web design Rockingham or indeed SEO services in Perth as a whole, a web designer works with you to make your ideas a reality. You don’t need to figure out how to use a site building program and you certainly don’ have to just settle for anything less than you envision!
  • Free site building sites usually offer set templates you can use so you may not be able to create the overall look or ambience you’re hoping to.
  • You usually need to pay for web hosting separately to your website design program. When you opt to use a professional web designer, there are no hidden costs.
  • A professional web designer knows all about search engine algorithms so can help your site to be seen by more people. In turn, this enables you to generate more income and clients. Free web design services don’t offer this service.
  • Web designers are experts in online marketing. They’ll be able to drive as many customers as possible to your website.
  • Free sites come with limitations – functionality being one. There is little or no room for change and advancement. An SEO expert makes the most of every opportunity to present your company as you wish it to be seen online.
  • Web designers can optimise the loading and operating speed of your site. They can add eye-catching aspects such as video while making adjustments when needed. You get what you’re given when you choose a free web building tool.
  • Web designers build SEO into the fabric of your site. Again, this is something that just cannot be done when you use a free source to create your pages.
  • Free site building software does not enable you to have any control over the technical aspects of your website. You can’t change how your pages are seen, how they operate and how often your target market sees them. Bolt Blue provides you with this service.
  • Bolt Blue’s business is to help you be seen and to increase your customers as well as ROI as much as possible. We create as many opportunities as possible to make your online presence a success. DIY services just don’t offer this.

It’s crucial to note that you don’t actually own the website you create when you use a free web builder. In the case of the web building company going down, you could potentially lose all your hard work!

For all the reasons above and more, Bolt Blue provides you with business websites Perth-wide that actively build on what you have. We create opportunities for you to succeed even while you’re asleep. Contact us today to find out so much more!

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