How Expensive Is It To Create A Website In 2019

How Expensive is it to Create A Website in 2019?

At Bolt Blue Web and Marketing, we firmly believe that strong relationships with our clients are crucial to our mutual success. Trust and complete transparency are imperative to our many business relationships. Our clients rely on us for their web design, web development, and SEO services. So, it’s important to everyone involved that our customers are completely aware of everything our quotes entail. It’s also just as important that clients know what they’re paying for throughout every step of the website design and website development process.

When people ask us how much websites cost nowadays, it’s impossible to say without taking so many individual circumstances into consideration. Every SEO company works differently so we cannot speak for others. Here, at Bolt Blue Web and Marketing, we know that every web design business is different and has independent goals. Consequently, answering the question of cost is hugely dependent on the expectations, wants and needs of any given business. For instance:

  • Do you need your site to promote and sell products or services?
  • Brochure Style. Is your goal simply to have a place for existing customers to find out information?
  • Is the goal of your site to win new clients and to promote your product and/or services?
  • Custom build and feature rich. Do you need your site to capture and manage lots of data, to integrate with other services or to sell products?

 Are Cheap Sites Effective?

The Internet is saturated with websites pushing all sorts of products and services. So, your website needs to be as professional as possible to stand out from the crowd. Your website should be easily discoverable via social media and Google searches. Very importantly, your site must convert visitors into paying, fully engaged customers.

If you opt for a cheap website, you need to know that it’s inexpensive for a reason. You get what you pay for. Do you want your site to be put together in a couple of hours without your input or do you want to work with professional web design and marketing expert who will put everything into your new website?

When you hire Bolt Blue Web and Marketing to design and develop your website, bear in mind that we offer a fully comprehensive service that includes marketing and promotion. We charge for the tools we use and the time we spend ensuring that your web presence delivers a healthy return on your investment. We tailor our quotes to reflect the needs of your business and the time we spend on your website.

For customised guidance and for a personalised quote that reflects your requirements, contact Bolt Blue Web and Marketing. Your website and online presence is the one employee that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year. By investing in the digital profile of your business, you’ll see consistent and growing rewards. From web design and marketing through to copywriting, Bolt Blue are the local experts.

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