Do You Know A Business Owner Who Needs A Website or Marketing?

We Help People You Know,
So Their Businesses Grow!

We love helping businesses that have been referred. They usually have a better idea of how we operate and they are much more enjoyable to work with. It’s also nice to know that our customers and connections trust us enough to refer work our way.

We can grow businesses through websites and digital marketing. We focus primarily on generating leads for businesses. Looking to essentially build a lead-tap that can be adjusted as required to deliver the ideal flow of leads each month. 

What BoltBlue Does:

Our Referral Promise

We genuinely appreciate every referral that comes our way. We understand that how we conduct ourselves reflects back on you. Our promise to you is the following:

Our Ideal Customer:

Although we can work with a variety of different business types, we do have a preference. The following criteria is our Ideal customer. We love working with these types of customers because we are VERY CONFIDENT we can get them amazing results.

How To Refer Businesses To Us! It's Simple

1. Discuss With Your Friend

If you hear anyone mention that they need help with a website or marketing then feel free to let them know about BoltBlue.

2. Email Your Friend

After you mention it, simply email your friend and give them our details and connect us. We suggest you send them our website, email: and phone number: 1300 249 750

3. CC us in the Email

We appreciate it when you CC (carbon copy) us in the email. It allows us to take control, make contact and be of service to your friend.

Alternatively Just Tell Us

1. Call Us on 1300 249 750 and Tell Us!

Simply give us a call, give us your friends details and we will connect with them to help them out. We do suggest you talk to them first though.

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