Does Your Website Match Your Company Brand

Does Your Website Match Your Company Brand?

So, you’ve been putting all your blood, sweat and tears into your business to make it work. You’ve finally got your branding and logo decided. Congratulations on this because the right logo and branding are never an easy choice to make. These are the aspects that your customers and potential customers connect with before anything else. Your logo and branding are the face of what your business represents. It’s how you create a powerful memorable brand that sticks in people’s minds.

The question we are asking today is, “Does your website actually match your brand?” Your logo and branding are only the beginning of your business’s story. Once you have a robust vision of those set out, it’s crucial that this branding is a theme that flows through each and every aspect of your marketing in the future. And, what’s the one marketing tool that the majority of potential customers seek out? Your website!

Branding Your Website

First impressions count. If you have a good website that flows, looks clean and contains clear, pertinent information, customers will spend more time on it. When user experience is enjoyable as well as informative, visitors will have a positive impression of your company that will make them return time and time again.

Visitors spend as many as 6 and a half seconds focusing on your logo so it’s imperative that your branding creates the perfect initial impression. With this in mind, how do you create the perfect logo that consistently and clearly reflects your unique market standpoint and business personality?


Your brand message should be clear. Otherwise, potential customers will just move on to the next provider. So, your branding should be completely consistent throughout everything you do. By using the same styles, fonts, messages and colour palette you build a flow that’s professional and reliable. Customers will put their trust in you which will convert to sales.

Every element of your site, such as CTA buttons, titles and so on should flow beautifully together although not everything needs to be exactly the same. You can have too much of a good thing. This is why when you’re looking for website development Perth-based Bolt Blue Web and Marketing will work with you to create consistent, attractive and clear branding.


Your branding should clearly represent your service or product and this must be focused on throughout your web design. It’s crucial to be completely clear and unambiguous in terms of what your business represents and who you are. Your business will become memorable via its clarity.


Here, at Bolt Blue Web and Marketing, we specialise in website design Rockingham, website design Mandurah and throughout the Perth area. We will work with you to showcase your brand personality giving you emotional appeal. We will help you to connect with your customers via your visual voice.

We will work to create a tagline that concisely conveys the essence of what you do. We will run with the theme of your tagline throughout your website potentially using it in headers as well as throughout the content. Again, less is more with your tagline and we’re happy to work with you on this.


To stand out from the crowd, you need to be exclusive and unique. Bolt Blue Web and Marketing will work on your website development Perth to create a clear unique brand identity that attracts loyal customers consistently.

For more information on our website design Rockingham, website design Mandurah and other local areas contact our skilled friendly team today!

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