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NOVEMBER 23, 2023



This workshop will show you immediate ways to improve your website & marketing to get more leads NOW!


Get Leads Now

Turn your web marketing into a lead generating Profit Machine

This event is a jam-packed 3 hour session that teaches you immediate website tweaks and marketing strategies that are proven to deliver a steady flow of leads. You will get the step-by-step instructions to transform your website and digital marketing results.

Who this event is ideal for?

Although much of what we will dicuss is universal, this event will be of the highest-value if your business meets the following criteria:

Who it is NOT ideal for?

If your business has these features then the exact model we teach will not be relevant, however you will likely still get value!

These online strategies churn out Lots of Leads

These strategies work...

"These strategies work! Ben created websites for 3 of my businesses and they all rank well on Google. For our wellness centre we get around 500 enquiries per month, my machine sales business gets around 5-10 enquiries per day. Ben knows what he's doing. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for BoltBlue."
Joanna Lykouresis
50+ Google Reviews

Get Results Quick

What we'll cover!


With these strategies your leads will surge

Triple Money-Back Guarantee

We put our money on the line to assure you this is no ordinary event. Insane-value, guaranteed.

Stupidly Simple Blueprint

A simple "connect-the-dots" formula for attendees to effortlessly follow.

Templates Included

Attendees receive ready-to-use templates to implement immediately. You'll be impressed!

Tools & Resources

We'll give you a treasure-trove of the best free and premium tools to get fast results.

Our revenue has more than 10x

"The positive impact on our business has been more than I could've imagined. Our revenue has more than 10x since we launched our website. The results are due to BoltBlue's sophisticated understanding of digital marketing (reducing our cost per lead) and lead management (increasing our conversion rate). BoltBlue are second to none in the web & digital marketing space."
James McNess
Active Study Australia
50+ Google Reviews

Learn the secret recipe for lead-genreation

Having a flashy website without leads is like a cake that’s all icing, no substance. You don’t need to be an expert to create a lead-generating site. It’s simple: just follow the right recipe. We have it. Whether you engage a professional web designer, do-it-yourself or get your techy nephew to design it, this recipe works!

Event Details

Triple Your Money Back Guarantee

If you attend this event and genuinely feel that it was a waste of your time, I will give you triple your money back to make it up to you. No questions asked. I’m that certain that this event will provide ridiculous value.


Available until November 1st 2023

Any tickets purchased prior to November 1st will get a significant discount on their ticket price. This takes the price from $100 down to just $25 per business.

Ticket Options

We have an early-bird rate for anyone who books prior to November 1st 2023.


Tickets purchased before November 1st 2023
  • Discount for booking early
  • Business-changing session
  • Convenient Mandurah location
  • Drinks & morning tea provided
  • Triple-Money-Back Guarantee!


Tickets purchased from November 1st 2023
  • Standard ticket price
  • Business-changing session
  • Convenient Mandurah location
  • Drinks & morning tea provided
  • Triple-Money-Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

No. I hate sales-pitches. I can assure you there will be no sales pitch at this event. Some people in the room will naturally be inclined to want to know more about how they could work with BoltBlue, for them there will be an opportunity tro express interest available on the feedback form.

Yes, it is! I’m extremely confident that the knowledge I will be divulging will be ground-breaking and business-changing for most attendees. I know it opens me up to being taken advantage of, however I’ll be connecting with businesses briefly prior to the event. Based on the business you operate, if it’s something that our model doesn’t work for, we’ll let you know prior, so you don’t waste your time.

Yes you may bring multiple people along from your business for no additional fee. We do need to know the name and details of each person ahead of the event for catering purposes.

We suggest you bring any other owners / key managers / marketing managers.

Yes, there is! Nothing like a little nourishment whilst learning. There will be coffee and morning-tea provided on the day.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, if you’re keen on improving your online presence and seeing tangible results from your website, this workshop is for you.

Just bring along a notebook and pen if you wish to take notes. We will provide everything else you need, including materials and templates.

Absolutely! The workshop is designed to be straightforward and easy-to-understand. We break down complex concepts into digestible information, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll be able to follow and benefit.

BoltBlue is our company that specialises in helping businesses optimise their online presence. We pride ourselves in offering actionable and effective strategies to enhance digital marketing efforts.

Of course! Just make sure they register so we can account for seating and materials.

We hold these workshops periodically, based on demand. If you’re unable to attend this session, we recommend expressing your interest, so you’ll be notified of the next one.

While the workshop aims to address general best practices, we’ll have a Q&A session where you can ask specific questions. If you need further in-depth consultation, we can arrange a separate session.

Yes, to ensure a productive and interactive session, we limit the number of attendees. This ensures that everyone gets a chance to ask questions and participate.

Yes, there’s ample parking available at Bortolo Pavilion for attendees.

Yes, attendees will receive a follow-up email with a summary of the workshop, as well as access to resources and templates. We’re also available for further consultations and services should you need more personalised support.


Meet Ben Wendel from BoltBlue

Ben Wendel is a Mandurah local who boasts over 16 years of experience assisting businesses nationwide in their marketing and growth. While initially influenced by marketing gurus, Ben quickly realized that much of the conventional wisdom fell short in practice. Drawing from the best teachings and a decade of hands-on experience with Australian businesses, he’s crafted a genuine and result-driven approach to marketing. Distinct from the typical chatter inundating the web and marketing sectors, Ben offers a refreshing and effective perspective.

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