Don't waste money
on dumb seo

We do SEO differently! Most web design companies that offer SEO contract the work out to international SEO teams around the world. Usually, they ask the question “Which 10 keywords do you want to rank for?” and then they focus in on making sure you rank for those keywords. The problem with this approach is that most businesses have hundreds of potential keywords. When you have to select the top 10, you usually pick those with the most volume. As a result, they are more competitive, it is much harder and it takes a lot longer to get results. When we do SEO for clients, we take a more holistic approach to ensure you get broader results faster.

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A SMarter Way To
Increase Your ROI

We specialise in smart SEO! Our approach to Search Engine Optimisation is not just ranking for specific keywords but also generating quality traffic that converts. It will be easier to rank a website for 50 broader keywords that deliver 10 visits per month than to chase a high competitive keyword that delivers 500 visits a month. When we do our SEO activities, we still chase the highly competitive terms, but we do it alongside a broader effort so we get more immediate results. With Smart SEO, we always focus on increasing the ROI of your website.

skyrocketing your rankings

Here at BoltBlue, we won’t work on a website that we have not created. We pride ourselves on our unique, tried and tested method of website design that improves your chances to rank well. With every SEO campaign we undertake, a website redesign is part of the process to ensure the website has everything it needs to improve Google search ranking. It also allows us to ensure that a website converts traffic into leads too, which means that your SEO traffic will turn into sales and profit.

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In-House Article & Copywriting Services

Our in-house copywriter is a superstar. Not only do we create SEO-driven, keyword-focused copy, but it’s natural and engaging too. Our copywriter will help your site to achieve a great rank whilst also creating informative, natural content that flows. Every successful SEO campaign requires superb content. We know how big of an ask it is to get you to provide articles or blog posts, so we do it all for you! With a small amount of input from you, we will create brilliantly written content that will help your site rank for the selected keywords! Our expert team will develop the perfect strategy to give you the best ROI.

On-Page SEO – Ensure Your Site Is Built To Rank

At Boltblue, we ensure your page is fully optimized so it’s highly visible in search engines. Our goal is to achieve the best possible ranking! We strategise your on-page optimization in various ways, including Keyword-rich URLs, Meta tag optimization, Navigation to internal pages via internal linking, Creating and marketing unique website content, Error fixing, Website tracking, Optimising images with title and alt attributes for keyword density and more. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise to make your website a success!

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Off-Page SEO – Boost Your Reputation

A great off-page SEO is essential for creating an excellent reputation on Google. We provide ongoing off-page SEO optimisation to help support your business needs. This includes Link-building, Content marketing, Blog marketing and more. At Boltblue, we go the extra mile to deliver personalised service that is second to none! We provide your site with the ultimate visibility in terms of leads, search results and traffic generation. Our happy clients continue to use our services because they keep getting incredible results.


Our focus is always on generating leads and sales. We’ll rank you fast and broadly so you have a steady flow of traffic to convert into sales for your business.


All the fabulous and engaging content on your website is created by our team! You can give as little or as much input as you like, and we will deliver top-quality articles and blog posts you can reuse.


All our websites are built with search engines in mind. Our goal is to create a website that ranks well to drive as much quality traffic to your site possible.


Because we take a broader approach to SEO, we deliver excellent results fast. Our method is quicker because it isn’t focusing on just a handful of competitive keywords.



We work with you to clarify your marketing message, understand your goals and get to know your business.

we Take Control

We take the hassle of marketing off your plate. We plan and implement marketing we know will grow your business.


We deliver a heap of leads to you, so you can spend your time running and growing your business. Let's have fun!